Stacks on stacks, of Happy Planners™!

A rather common question that I’ve been asked before is, “How do you use five planners?” The overall answer is that they each have their own function: daily plans, fitness tracking/planning, memory planning, lettering practice, and a sentence-a-day journal.

stackBut that doesn’t really tell you how or why I use them in the way that I do. So beginning on Monday, October 10th, I will cover how I use one of my planners each day ending on Friday, October 14th.

Stacks on stacks schedule

Monday, October 10th-I will be covering how I use the Picture Quote Happy Planner™ as my daily planner.

Tuesday, October 11th-This day I will go over how I use the Fitness Happy Planner™ to track both meals and exercise.

Wednesday, October 12th-This day I will tell you how I use the Stay Golden BIG Happy Planner™ to do my memory planning/keeping.

Thursday, October 13th-I will talk about using my Rose Gold Horizontal Happy Planner™ to practice my brush lettering.

Friday, October 14th-The brand new MINI Happy Planner™ might be small, but I’m going to tell you how I’ve been using mine the past week and a half since I first picked it up.

This could be applied to any type of planner.

My personal choice of planner is The Happy Planner™. But there is a whole wide world of paper planners out there, and any of the uses I will be covering over the course of the week could easily be applied to whatever planner works best for you. The goal of this series is to help you see all of the possibilities paper planning has to offer no matter if you use The Happy Planner™, Erin Condren Life Planner™, Franklin-Covey™, Filofax™, At-A-Glance™, Inkwell™, and the list goes on and on.

You don’t need more than one planner to benefit from this series.

It isn’t necessary for everyone to have multiple planners, but it’s necessary for me. Just like the brand/style of planner that everyone uses is unique to the individual, the need for more than one planner or only one planner is based on your own needs. Don’t worry about how many or how few you have. All of the uses that will be covered in the coming week could also work for one or more planners.

So, grab a planner (or several) and check back on Monday!

Day 1: My daily Picture Quote Happy Planner™

Day 2: The Happy Planner™-Fitness Edition





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