Stacks on stacks, of Happy Planners™: Picture Quote daily planner


Let’s get this planner party started! Today, I’m going to share how the Picture Quote Happy Planner™ works as my daily/to do planner. Nothing has really changed in how I use my daily planner except that I’ve narrowed down the focus of this planner to tasks, to do’s, appointments, schoolwork, etc.

 Preparing for the week.


Typically every Sunday, I go into my craft room, shut the door, and start planning the upcoming week. This past weekend was an exception in that I did my layout on Saturday vs. Sunday because the power was out due to Hurricane Matthew. Planning my upcoming week has become some serious meditative, me time. I surround myself with pretty paper, stickers, washi, and tune everything out.

I’ll be honest. From start to finish in my daily planner, it takes me anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete my upcoming week’s layout. I realize that seems like a long time, but it just calms and relaxes me to take my time. You don’t have to approach yours this way. In fact, you could even do as little as possible prior to the week and just fill it in as you go.

I have a color crush.

I’m a visual and tactile person, and that means the way I best learn and perceive the world around me is through visual and physical stimuli. Which is why when I go to plan my upcoming week, I always start with a color scheme. Most of the time I use two colors. But depending on my mood at the time, I’ll do a monochromatic (one color) color scheme or use 3-4 color schemes.

These color schemes could have been inspired from either things I’ve seen or felt. But regardless of where the inspiration came from. Color is always step one in planning my week. This week’s inspiration came from the quote “Have courage and be kind” at the bottom of this week. I wanted it to feel like Cinderella, so I used a combination of blues and pinks.

It’s a washi world out there.

Or, in my planner, it is.

I picked the Picture Quote Happy Planner™ because I’m a sucker for gorgeous photography. And when you pair it with an inspirational quote, you got me. Hook, line, and sinker. 🙂 The only thing I would want to change about the interior would be the boldly colored lines that segment each day into three parts. This is where washi comes into play for me.

My vision for my weekly layout changes from week to week, so having four weeks bound by the same color can be somewhat problematic. Washi gives me the ability to change the look and feel of each week within the same month. While washi is semitransparent, I have found that by layering my washi that it tends to completely cover it.


Lately, I’ve been changing how much I cover the colored bars, and I’m applying it more sparingly and somewhat random. This just adds to the overall visual appeal and helps to move the eye across the layout as a whole.

But that’s not all washi can be used for. You can mark things temporarily since washi is removable. Washi is also super easy to trim and shape into flags, arrows, and even decorative bunting. It an easy, simple way to add both color and shape to your weekly layout. It even has the ability to block off certain sections or areas that you might need highlighted or used for a particular purpose.

Stuck on stickers and sticky notes.


After I have my washi down, I then start with applying stickers and sticky notes in what my coordinating colors are. To help with placement, I actually use a pair of fine nose jewelry tweezers. These are particularly helpful with the smaller icon/bullet stickers. Applying stickers and sticky notes is the most lengthy part of my layout only because I flip through all of my stickers and sticky notes multiple times looking for what I think would work best.

The reason I do this is because I try to find both colors that will match and varying shapes and sizes. I then place the different shapes and sizes in alternating or random ways because (not to sound like a broken record) it adds to the visual interest as a whole. When you have color coordinating washi, stickers, sticky notes all in various places, shapes, and sizes, it makes your whole week match and just flow better.

Pens, stamps, and ephemera


The choice to have my pen ink color match just depends. Some weeks I write in only black, and others my pen ink colors match the overall color scheme. My choice of pens varies from Paper Mate Flair (used in the image above), Stabilo 88 & 68, Le Pen (the alcohol-based one because this one writes on the glossy stickers best), and Pilot Acroball pens.

When it comes to stamps and ephemera, sometimes I use them in my weekly layouts sometimes I don’t. Occasionally, I feel like I might need additional space to write. So, I will punch a mambi POCKET CARD™, add any stickers or embellishments, and now I have more space to write.


This can also help highlight or focus on a particularly pressing matter. Adding POCKET CARDS™ is also a great way to add more color and a great quote.

How and why I use The Happy Planner™ vs. others

Now that you know how I setup my week in my daily planner, I really wanted to say why I, personally, chose The Happy Planner™. In truth, the why started with how I came upon it in the first place. For nearly five years, I worked full time for Hobby Lobby. During this time was when The Happy Planner™ first came on the market and came to Hobby Lobby. So many ladies kept coming in asking for this planner that I wanted to figure out what the fuss was all about.

After flipping through the different options at work and looking it up on the mambi website, I decided I’d like to buy one especially since I was about to go back to school after being out for nearly 7 years. I’ve owned numerous paper planners through the years: At-a-Glance™, Day Timer™, Franklin-Covey™, etc. But my using those always waned very, very quickly.

They lacked something crucial. The ability to capture and keep my attention. This introduction to something that was a cross between function and visual stimuli felt like angels were singing! And when I find something that works for me, I tend to be a diehard fan of it. Of course the more I bought stickers, sticky notes, and various accessories for my Happy Planner™, the more and more it became an integral part of my daily life. It’s one of the most versatile products on the market. I can make and use the system in whatever way works best for me. Just like I’m loyal to bareMinerals for changing my life (and skin) for the better, I’m loyal to The Happy Planner™ because for the first time in my life I’m organized. And that makes me happy. 🙂

Make sure to check back tomorrow as I will be covering how I setup and use my fitness Happy Planner™!





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