Stacks on stacks, of Happy Planners™: Fitness Edition

Eating right and exercise is something we all should do. We’ll live longer, get sick less often, and be happier. But even knowing all of that, some of us still struggle to not only start but maintain that lifestyle. The decision to change your eating and exercise habits has to be a personal one. Don’t do it for your husband, boyfriend, or whoever. Do it for you. Do it because you want to feel better inside and out.

Once you’ve made the decision to change your lifestyle to a healthier one, you’ll likely need some help. In order to ensure the choices you make both in terms of fuel and fitness are good choices, you need to write down what you eat and what types of exercise you do. This way you have a record of everyday, and you can refer back to it at any time to see what worked or didn’t work.

Getting started isn’t hard or expensive.


You likely already own a pair of tennis shoes, a t-shirt, a sports bra (with at minimum, medium support), and a pair of shorts. Cute or expensive workout gear isn’t necessary when you first start. I’m not saying you won’t need to replace your tennis shoes. You just don’t need to focus on that right now.

What I do recommend to buy is The Happy Planner™-Fitness edition, specifically the box kit (retail $34.99) that can be found online in the mambi shop or at Michaels in store or online. This kit comes with everything you could possibly need in terms of tracking your fitness/wellness journey. You receive a 12-month undated Fitness Happy Planner™, five sheets of stickers, a pop-in tab of four types of sticky notes, a magnetic bookmark, and a black pen (not pictured because it’s whereabouts are currently unknown). While it doesn’t come with any number stickers for the dates, it does come with month stickers to label your tabs and the month-at-a-glance.

Set up is a cinch.


It also takes little time to do. The layout already has the groundwork done for you. All you really need to do is to add dates before you start. I had some leftover date stickers from the Fitness Extension pack for The Happy Planner™, so that’s what I used for the dates here. But you can also handwrite them in if you prefer.


Then you can fill in your meals and exercise day by day. You also have the option on the left to write down any goals you’d like to achieve for the week. I recommend setting realistic goals such as “drink more water” or “eat more vegetables”, etc. Below you’ll see that I’m focusing on proper portions and drinking more water this week. Both of which are easily doable, but I still have to work (even if only a little) to complete these goals. You can always add or increase the intensity of your goals as you go.


Decorate as little or as much as you want.


If you read yesterday’s post about my daily planner or follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that I have a more minimal approach to decorating my fitness planner. I want it to be inspiring, but pretty isn’t the goal. My health and fitness are the priorities in this planner. Green is the first color I thought of this week when I wanted to setup this week. I only added a few decorative touches with The Happy Planner™ washi tape and inspirational stickers.

Even in the month-at-a-glance, my decoration is very minimal. Here I’m tracking my stats at the beginning of the month. I also starred the date in which I actually started. I plan on using this to add some ‘in action’ workout pics of myself to help further motivate me.


Accountability is action.

Holding yourself accountable for any and all choices related to your overall health will help propel you to do something about it. But nobody said it had to be boring!


You’ll notice that as I’ve filled in yesterday and today I’ve also added a few colored star stickers next to some of the meals or snacks. The green ones represent the best choices, the pink ones are ok choices, and the red ones are not ok choices. I say “not ok” because I don’t believe in reprimanding myself or making myself feel guilty, and you shouldn’t either. Just be mindful that you could make a better choice the next time.

If you like seeing the numbers, there’s a spot for that, too.


This page is directly after the intro/name page. Here you’ll be able to write your current weight and other common measurements associated with weight loss and fitness.


Directly following the last week in a month, you’ll find the “Progress Selfie” page. This is a great place to give yourself a visual progress report. You’ll also find space to write what worked and what didn’t. This visual self-progression can help fuel your motivation at a later point when you look back and see how far you’ve come.

Nobody’s perfect and neither am I.

It’s ok to start and then stop for whatever reason. What’s not ok is not try again. That’s why I want to share that I started with the best of intentions two weeks ago and promptly fell off the wagon not even four days later.


But all you need to do is dust yourself off and try again! I’m might not have followed through that week, but today and this week are brand new. It takes 30 days for something to become a habit, and you have to view using The Happy Planner™-Fitness edition as something you’re trying to be in the habit of using. Eventually, it will be like second nature to log your meals and exercise.

I really hope this helps you in pursuit of your own fitness goals. I’d love to hear if any of these tips helped you or if you have some tips you’d like to share! Happy body. Happy Mind. Happy Life!





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