Sneak a Peek of New Happy Planner™ Products Due Out End of October!!


If you use the Happy Planner™ line of planners like I do, then you tend to get very excited when new products are coming out. It almost feels like a planner version of Christmas. What some of you may not know is that me&my BIG ideas likes to use Periscope as a way to show some of their upcoming products usually a few months in advance. Since some of you may not know this, I’ve taken quite a few screenshots to show you the new items that will be a part of a huge release at the end of October. Follow the jump to see the new products!


New BIG Happy Planner Laminated Covers

The BIG Happy Planner has been out since March, but hasn’t had any coordinating accessories thus far like it’s sister, the Classic size. With the October release, this is going to change BIG time! Pictured below is 1 of 3 laminated cover sets that will come in a pack similarly to the Classic size replacement cover packs.


This is 2 of 3 of the new BIG laminated covers in the pack.


3 of 3. This is actually the back of the 3rd set because I couldn’t seem to get a good screenshot of the front. There is handwritten wording on the front by MAMBI Design Team Member, Janna Wilson, and the back cover is her handwritten wording as well.

Price: Unknown. But likely $9.99-12.99 based on the Classic size sets which are priced at $7.99

Snap-On Covers


These will come out for both the Classic and the BIG Happy Planner, but they only shared previews for the Classic size. From what I can tell, it seems like the snap-on portion of the cover will be a heavier duty plastic than the laminated covers. The covers themselves are likely a high grade polyurethane (PU) more commonly known as faux leather.


This is the other snap-on cover for the Classic size that they showed, but it was said that there would be other colors and some for the BIG Happy Planner, too.

Price: $19.99 for the Classic size. Unknown for the BIG size although it’s likely to be between $24.99-29.99.

Daily/Hourly Sheets


These will be a nice addition to the Happy Planner line since currently there is only a weekly and monthly view within the planner itself. While these may not necessarily be for everyone, I know the ladies that do need them are very excited for these.

I do suggest that if you feel you have trouble with time management, like I do, that these will help you better manage your time. It will give you more insight to what/when/why you should be doing/not doing a particular task.

Price: Unknown. But likely similarly priced to the packs of note paper which are $7.99 for the Classic size and likely $9.99 for the BIG size.

I saved the best for last. Deluxe Covers!


First off, I love this picture of co-owner of me&my BIG ideas ,Stephanie Fleming (pictured left), and her sister, Lauren Sherwin (pictured right). It really shows how excited they are about the new products like the rest of us!


This is the interior of the deluxe cover where you will slide the back laminated cover of your current planner into the pocket on the back. You can also see a few additional pockets for stickers, papers, lists, etc. and a elastic pen loop.


I know this isn’t the best picture, but the deluxe covers will easily accommodate planners who use the expander discs on their planners.

Again this is likely a high grade PU, or faux leather, for added durability and longevity. There will be a selection of colors for both the Classic size and the BIG size.

Price: $29.99 for the Classic size. $39.99 for the Big size.

Stephanie and Lauren did also indicate that all the shown products are only a few of the items being released in October. So, there will be more!

As I get more information on the October release, I will update this post. But until then I’d love to hear what you’re most excited about!



I was in no way paid or given free products by MAMBI. I just really love their products and wanted to share this with you! None of the images are mine they are the sole property of The Happy Planner™.


  1. SamanthaR | 5th Aug 16

    Yay!! I can’t wait for those daily/hourly inserts. They will be perfect for homeschool planning 🙂

    • thenotableliz | 5th Aug 16

      Me, too! Since I’ll be in school full time and trying to be self-employed, I’m going to really need to see where my time goes.

  2. Deborah | 10th Sep 16

    I really like the idea of the deluxe cover! Affordable too! Thanks for sharing I missed this scope.

  3. Carina Rolf | 10th Sep 16

    Will the new full covers hold the book in with only the back cover? My big planner wis way too wobbly for that to work. Hoping the front cover is secured too…?

    • Liz Nielson | 14th Sep 16

      Yes, these new covers are held in place by the back laminated cover sliding into a pocket on the back inside. However, I noticed that even though it’s just the back cover, my planner stayed firmly in place. If you’re still unsure, they will also have deluxe snap on covers coming out at the same time. They’ll be made of the same material as the deluxe covers, but they’ll just snap on like the laminated covers do.

  4. Krystal | 14th Sep 16

    The hourly daily inserts! Totally all over that. It will eliminate me needing two different planners!!!

    • Liz Nielson | 15th Sep 16

      I’m looking forward to them, too! They’ll really help me better manage my time between school, blog, and household responsibilities.

  5. Hellen | 6th Oct 16

    Thanks for sharing this! Hope the products will be available in the Netherlands aswell 🙂

    • Liz Nielson | 8th Oct 16

      You’re welcome! I imagine if you are able to locate the Happy Planner™ products that are currently available then it’s very likely they’ll be available in the Netherlands sometime after the release. 🙂

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