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I made the 2016-2017 me & my BIG ideas Design Team!

I’m so very happy to announce that I have been selected in addition to 19 other amazingly talented ladies to be apart of the 2016-2017 me & my BIG ideas Design Team! Words don’t even begin to describe how thankful and honored to have been chosen to represent this amazing company. Thank you to Stephanie Fleming and Amanda Zampelli for giving me this opportunity to continue sharing and doing something I love! If don’t already, make sure to follow @meandmybigideas and @the_happy_planner on Instagram to see what all of us on the Design Team will be sharing with you over the next year starting on October 1st. You can also find links to the other 19 wonderful ladies on the Mambi blog.


Truthfully, I didn’t expect to make it.

All forms of paper crafting are a relatively new concept for me. In fact if you would’ve told me that I’d make this Design Team 10 years ago, I probably would’ve have thought you’d lost your mind. Prior to the first Happy Planners being released, I had never scrapbooked a day in my life and rarely used a paper planner. So for me, being selected among such amazing long-term talent has left me both with a feeling of complete gratitude and awe.

Finding this planner was fate at it’s best.

Coming across the Happy Planner was equivalent to kismet. I was going to be starting my very first semester at the Academy of Art in their online BFA in Fashion Design program, and I knew that this pretty planner would likely fill both a creative and functional need. It did help that I worked at Hobby Lobby at the time, and an insane amount of ladies were constantly asking for it! So, naturally, this peaked my curiosity.

Because the Happy Planner is both functional and visually stimulating, I have used it without fail since I bought my first one in July 2015. And because of this planner and the amazing company that has created it, I am constantly organized and always have loads of creative inspiration on hand.

Keep Planning a Happy Life™ and Live Creatively™

Over 450 application were submitted to be apart of this year’s design team. With only 20 total design team members being chosen, that equates to roughly only 4% of the applicants making the final cut. What I’m trying to impart to those of you who applied but didn’t make it, don’t feel discouraged or unworthy. To be honest, there were so many other ladies who I thought would for sure make it long before I did. And that’s a huge part of the reason why I’m so grateful for this opportunity, it’s the entire planner community that has been a constant source of support and inspiration for me. So, I want to do my very best because of all of you!

This community is full of so much love and support that I’m constantly blown away by how much virtual strangers truly care and appreciate one another, and I feel so very blessed to be among all of you.

Finally, I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom.

Life is full of ups and downs, but be sure to focus on the good and all of the blessings you already have in your life. This is only the second time in my entire life (31 years and some change) that I have been chosen for something that I really and truly wanted. That’s only 6% of the time in the entirety of my life! Which means 94% of the time I’ve been let down by not being picked, but I kept going. Keep doing the things you love and enjoy. Life is about accepting yourself for who you are and being happy and content that you are enough just the way you were made.

And you never know, in pursuit of one dream, you may just find something you never even thought of. For me, that’s being on this amazing me & my BIG ideas Design Team. Who knows? I may just change my major, so that I can continue within this industry that I happened upon by complete accident. It’s these unexpected changes in life that are the most meaningful and when we learn the most about ourselves. So, keep going and don’t look back. You never know what you’re gonna find on the road called Life.





Have Planner, Will Travel

Summer’s Almost Over

While summer might be winding down, it doesn’t mean you won’t have to travel at some point especially with the upcoming holiday season. With that in mind, I thought I’d share how I managed to pack and successfully bring not one but two planners. Not only did I bring two planners, but I was able to pack some accessories to also accommodate any on-the-go planning needs.

Creating a Chore To-do List When Your Not a Chore-doer

I’m probably the black sheep of wives when it comes to household duties. For whatever reason, I have never been a cleaner. I don’t particularly enjoy it or find it soothing. Never have and likely never will. My poor Mr. does the cleaning and sometimes the cooking, too. With me going back to school full time and being no longer employed, it’s only fair that I take over the household responsibilities. I have to pull my weight and do what I loathe doing. Chores. Ugghhhhhh…..

7 Pens Perfect for Using in Your Planner

When it comes to using a paper planner, nothing is more important than the almighty pen. You can write, draw, bullet, underline, circle, box, etc. all with just a pen. The pen you use in your planner is likely the single most diverse tool that you have in your planner arsenal. But I don’t suggest using just any pen. So, no, the one in your junk drawer is not likely the best (it could be though, who knows?). In order to give you the best possible experience when writing in your planner, you want a pen that writes clean and smooth, doesn’t feather, and doesn’t seep through to the other side of the page.

Top 8 Paper Planners to Choose From

When deciding to use a paper planner, you may become overwhelmed at how many varieties there actually are. While I personally use the Happy Planner™ by me&my BIG ideas, I know that the Happy Planner™ may not necessarily be for everyone. So, I’ve complied a list of the 8 paper planner styles that I see constantly on Instagram and other social media though I don’t have them in any particular order.

Creative Mercantile’s Mercantile Mail: The Subscription Box You Didn’t Know You Needed


Besides my addiction to planners and planner related supplies, my other addiction is subscription boxes much to my husband’s chagrin. At one time I received the following subscription boxes:

  • Birchbox
  • Stitch Fix
  • Julep Maven
  • Home Chef
  • artsnacks
  • The Planner Addict Box
  • Scarlet Lime’s Planner Society Box
  • Mercantile Mail

With me attending school full time this coming fall, I am quitting my full time job. This means that I’ve had to drastically cut my spending and that includes subscription boxes. I have cancelled all but two. One of which is my Mercantile Mail subscription. If you follow the jump, I’ll tell you why out of all the subscription boxes I was receiving, I kept Mercantile Mail.

Sneak a Peek of New Happy Planner™ Products Due Out End of October!!


If you use the Happy Planner™ line of planners like I do, then you tend to get very excited when new products are coming out. It almost feels like a planner version of Christmas. What some of you may not know is that me&my BIG ideas likes to use Periscope as a way to show some of their upcoming products usually a few months in advance. Since some of you may not know this, I’ve taken quite a few screenshots to show you the new items that will be a part of a huge release at the end of October. Follow the jump to see the new products!

Every time I say I need to save money…


5 Trends in Paper Planning Right Now

When opening up a new paper planner, you may be looking at the blank pages and asking yourself, “What now?” 

While there is so much that you could do, here are the top 5 trends right now in paper planning to help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Rose Gold


Everything seems to be inspired by fashion and paper stationary and planners are no different. Metallics have always been found in one form or another whether in fashion, home decor, etc. But the current trend is all things rose gold. This metallic is a beautiful cross between gold and copper. It looks both feminine and sophisticated. 


You can even find it on the planners themselves. Webster’s Pages has their three popular planner styles, the Personal Planner, the A5 Planner, and the Traveler’s Notebook all available in this lovely blush shade of rose gold that they call Platinum Rose. No matter which shade of rose gold you choose and in which context you use it, it’ll look just rosey!

2. Mood Boards/Inspiration Collages

Pinterest may be crazy popular, but I’ve been seeing more and more people make tactile versions to keep in their planners. For instance, Amanda Zampanelli, who is the Social Media Coordinator for Mambi, made one for her own planner. 


Sometimes, just doing a mood board/inspiration collage by hand is half the fun. If you want to learn more about it, you can head to the me & my BIG ideas blog for more info on how Amanda set hers up.

3. Sequin Shakers


What a fun trend this is! It’s a pretty simple one to make as well. All you need to make them is:

  • sequins
  • pocket page protectors
  • fuse tool

Head to your local craft store to find sequins. I recommend various shapes, sizes, and colors to give your shaker more depth and visual contrast. 

You should be able to find page protectors for just about any style/brand of planner. Filofax makes a few varieties that fit all standard A5, Personal, and Pocket size. I plan on doing a how-to video to show how to make these in the near future.

4. Bullet Journaling/Planning

Bullet Journal describes bullet journaling as, “The analog system for the digital age.” When it comes to this no-frills way of planning and/or journaling, that statement couldn’t be more accurate. 


Above is just one of many symbol keys that can be used in a bullet journal. The concept behind bullet journaling focuses more on rapid notation using various bullets/symbols along with short-form notation. Most people who use a bullet journal recommend making topics, numbering every page, and leaving room at the very start of the journal for a table of contents for quick reference. Some also include their choice of symbol key here as well. For more information on how to start bullet journaling, I highly recommend Bullet Journaling’s Start Here section. This is were you will find the nuts and bolts of this highly utilitarian, but effective way of planning and task completion.

5. Lettering

Just like the rose gold trend, decorative lettering is everywhere from fashion, home decor, and of course, planning! Below is a word art plaque that can be purchased at your local Hobby Lobby or online that is just one example of the trend in home decor.


Many are finding ways to incorporate this trend into their planners. It can make a simple word such as “Notes” look that much more interesting and fun. And it can even jazz up a more simple planner like bullet journaling.


You may have to revisit your cursive writing skills (I know I did). But once you’ve got that down and the right tools in hand, it’s actually pretty easy. If you need a refresher on cursive, I highly recommend Dawn Nicole’s free hand lettering printables. Hand lettering is equal parts penmanship and the tool that you use. This is another topic that I will be doing a more in-depth look and how-to in the near future. So, stay tuned!

Now, that I’ve shared the top 5 current trends in planning today. I’d love to hear what you think! If there’s a trend that you love that I might have missed, let me know. I can cover that in a future post, too. See you planners soon!



Live Creatively.

me & my BIG ideas