Have Planner, Will Travel

Summer’s Almost Over

While summer might be winding down, it doesn’t mean you won’t have to travel at some point especially with the upcoming holiday season. With that in mind, I thought I’d share how I managed to pack and successfully bring not one but two planners. Not only did I bring two planners, but I was able to pack some accessories to also accommodate any on-the-go planning needs.

You’re going to want to bring everything.

But, that’s not even remotely realistic. I own a lot of planner related supplies (most of which is Mambi). When I get ready to plan my week, I lay it all out: stickers, paper, notepads, sticky notes, pens, highlighters, etc. So how do you narrow down your beloved stash? It might seem daunting, but I’m going to help you out and share what I packed.

Start with the obvious.

The obvious in this scenario is your planner itself. If you’re like me and own more than one for various things, you’re going to have to decide which to take and which to leave. For my past trip to the Pinners Conference in Arlington, TX, I only brought my everyday planner (the Picture Quote Happy Planner) and my lettering practice planner (the Rose Gold Happy Planner). This is only 2 of 4 Happy Planners that I currently use. I also have a memory planner (the BIG Stay Golden Happy Planner) and the fitness planner from the box kit that was recently released.

With my Picture Quote Happy Planner, I only ever keep two months on mini discs with me at any given time. This keeps my future pages from getting crushed, crumpled, random pen marks, chocolate (yes, that’s happened before), etc. So with my day-to-day planner already being smaller, it makes it not only easy to carry but very easy to pack.

I also brought my Rose Gold Horizontal Happy Planner with me to be able to continue practicing my lettering (more on that on Saturday) while I was gone. At the time, I packed the entire planner (18-months total). I now realize that I could have easily only taken the pages I would need with me, and I could have also taken the necessary pages from my fitness planner as well. This is the beauty of a disc bound system. You can take things in and out at your convenience. So, you can take all of your planners, or you can take only what you need on a set of mini discs that can then put placed in their proper place upon returning home.

Stickers and sticky notes, but only some.

Stickers are likely my biggest hurdle when it comes to packing planner supplies. I want to bring every. last. single. sticker I own. But, you can’t. Luckily with the most recent release, some amazing value packs were released which include a very good variety of both functional and decorative stickers.











I did also decide before I left what color scheme I wanted to go with for the week, so it would be easier to leave what I wouldn’t need behind. Since I’m back in school for the fall, I also packed my school-related stickers, too.

Since three of the sticker books were the ones from the new Planner Basics™ line, I only allowed myself to bring the three coordinating sticky notes to match. I really love using sticky notes in my planner because they’re removable, functional, and decorative.

Multi-use makes for less to bring.

Items that have multiple uses should be your bread and butter when traveling. These include: roller stamps, ink, pens, washi tape, and note paper. The roller stamps are really great because they have 12 different phrases/images per stamp and don’t really take up a whole lot of space. All you need to use them is an ink pad, so I brought only one in black. I actually really used my ink and roller stamps quite a bit while I was gone and had forgotten how much I enjoyed using them.

Washi tape is another great multi-tasker. You can mark off things, make banners, divide, etc., and it’s removable. I also recommend bringing some pens and notepaper for whatever you feel you might have missed and need. With the picture below, you can easily see that a few rolls of washi tape, three roller stamps, pens, and an ink pad (not sure where that was when I took this, but I had it in there) easily fit with room to spare in one of the removable zip pouches in the Happy Planner Storage Case.


Cut the cord.

Look, I get it. Your planner supplies are precious to you, and you don’t want to leave something that you might want to use. Remember a vacation is just that. A vacation. You’ll likely be doing too much and having blast doing so that you’ll probably totally forget you brought any of it in the first place. In other words, your lack of a mountain of planer supplies is only temporary. Just cut the cord to your treasures for however long you’re gone. They will still be there when you get back. I promise.

The less you pack, the less you carry.


As you can see I was able to pack everything into my Happy Planner Storage Case, Happy Planner Accessory Pouch, and my Rose Gold Pencil Case. This made for a manageable amount to carry without sacrificing necessities. But I will tell you one thing that will make this entire process a little less daunting. I still only used maybe half (I’m being generous here) of what I brought. So, even though I was really selective with what I brought, I still didn’t use everything and will likely travel with less in the future.

My inspiration came from my husband.

This whole packing light, as a whole, was new to me. My husband barely packs anything for any vacation irregardless of how long. He always says you can wash things you’ve worn (true), pick 2-3 pairs of shoes that have different purposes, and just minimize in general.

So after being married for 10 years, I decided to give it a try. And you know what? I’m glad I did. I didn’t miss having 10 tops, 7 bottoms, 8 pairs of shoes, and practically my entire stash of planner supplies. I was too busy spending time and having fun with my husband, family, and friends I met at Pinners Conference to notice that I brought a 1/3 of what I normally do. I just enjoyed the time spent because that’s what it’s really all about anyways. Oh, and the fact my husband was glad he didn’t have to pay two baggage fees. We only had one.



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