Creating a Chore To-do List When Your Not a Chore-doer

I’m probably the black sheep of wives when it comes to household duties. For whatever reason, I have never been a cleaner. I don’t particularly enjoy it or find it soothing. Never have and likely never will. My poor Mr. does the cleaning and sometimes the cooking, too. With me going back to school full time and being no longer employed, it’s only fair that I take over the household responsibilities. I have to pull my weight and do what I loathe doing. Chores. Ugghhhhhh…..

So, now I’m left to create a way for me to see what needs to be done every day. And since I’m a highly visual person, I decided to continue my ROYGBIV weekly theme with my chore list.

My August 15-21st ROYGBIV weekly layout

Since just looking at this made me feel happy. I figured that there couldn’t possibly be a better way to translate some happiness into doing chores, but I also needed it to separate from my other weekly to-do’s. So, I thought about how I own the Weekly Happy Planner Paper Pad, and the fact that I don’t use it and need to change that.

Supplies I used to make my weekly chore to-do list.

I started by gathering the following:

  • The Happy Planner™ Weekly Paper Pad
  • The Happy Planner™ Classic Size Punch
  • 7 rolls of The Happy Planner™ washi tape to coordinate
  • The Happy Planner™ Icon Stamps
  • scissors
  • paper trimmer


Trimming the days.

Once I had all of that gathered, I began cutting down the page by day. This way they were separate, and I could simply focus on one day at a time.

cuttingseparate moredays

trim down the top




For the very first cut, I found that trimming Monday at the 2 1/2″ mark on your paper trimmer should cut down the middle between Monday and Tuesday. With the remainder, I simply tried to visually measure what looked halfway between the next two days and cut there. I actually found that variation in size between the individual days was rather minimal, if at all. If you happen to be someone who prefers things to be exact, I’d begin cutting the days out the way I have and then trimming them down so that they’re all the same. (For me, this is more about function and getting things done vs. all of the days being exactly the same size.)

Should you happen to determine an exact measurement, please let me know! This way I can update this post to reflect more precise measurements.

For the vertical measurement, it used the 9″ mark. Although, this could be easily adjusted to suit how short/tall you’d like yours. 9″ is roughly a quarter of an inch shorter than the paper in the Classic size Happy Planner.

Punch it out!


I then lined the bottom of each day on the line that’s on the Happy Planner Punch. Repeat 6x.

Washi is always the answer.


Using the colors of each day, I put a strip of washi at the top. Then again using the coordinating washi color, made a tab for each day to make it easier to flip through.

All of the days and their coordinating washi!
Close-up of the washi tabs.

Fill ‘er in!

Using both a combination of task listing and motivation, I filled in today’s chores. And, it’s so much prettier this way! Just like I have in my weekly layout, I decorated Monday in shades of red and pink. I’ll follow this same process everyday this week.


I’m personally still having trouble getting the icon stamps lined up. But it’s more about being able to check it off when I’m done with that chore! Woo hoo!

Pop it all in your Happy Planner™, and you’re ready to clean!



For Sunday, I didn’t want to think about cleaning on the sabbath. So, I decided that this is where I can put down any goals for the next week. I may even possible write down suggestions if something did or didn’t work out.

Hopefully, whether your a tidier or not, this has given you a more colorful (and fun!) way to get your house in order. This could also be useful for other daily applications and tasks. Should you decide to do this project tag me or let me know, so I can see how amazing it is! Please make sure to leave a comment about this project or feel free to leave a suggestion for something you’d like to see me do or share!





  1. Nicole Zitnik | 16th Aug 16

    Love this idea. don’t have the planner pad but hopefully I can come up with something. Sorry you have to start doing the chores.

    • Liz Nielson | 16th Aug 16

      Thank you! Hopefully once cleaning is more of a habit, it won’t feel like such a chore. 🙂

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