5 Trends in Paper Planning Right Now

When opening up a new paper planner, you may be looking at the blank pages and asking yourself, “What now?” 

While there is so much that you could do, here are the top 5 trends right now in paper planning to help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Rose Gold


Everything seems to be inspired by fashion and paper stationary and planners are no different. Metallics have always been found in one form or another whether in fashion, home decor, etc. But the current trend is all things rose gold. This metallic is a beautiful cross between gold and copper. It looks both feminine and sophisticated. 


You can even find it on the planners themselves. Webster’s Pages has their three popular planner styles, the Personal Planner, the A5 Planner, and the Traveler’s Notebook all available in this lovely blush shade of rose gold that they call Platinum Rose. No matter which shade of rose gold you choose and in which context you use it, it’ll look just rosey!

2. Mood Boards/Inspiration Collages

Pinterest may be crazy popular, but I’ve been seeing more and more people make tactile versions to keep in their planners. For instance, Amanda Zampanelli, who is the Social Media Coordinator for Mambi, made one for her own planner. 


Sometimes, just doing a mood board/inspiration collage by hand is half the fun. If you want to learn more about it, you can head to the me & my BIG ideas blog for more info on how Amanda set hers up.

3. Sequin Shakers


What a fun trend this is! It’s a pretty simple one to make as well. All you need to make them is:

  • sequins
  • pocket page protectors
  • fuse tool

Head to your local craft store to find sequins. I recommend various shapes, sizes, and colors to give your shaker more depth and visual contrast. 

You should be able to find page protectors for just about any style/brand of planner. Filofax makes a few varieties that fit all standard A5, Personal, and Pocket size. I plan on doing a how-to video to show how to make these in the near future.

4. Bullet Journaling/Planning

Bullet Journal describes bullet journaling as, “The analog system for the digital age.” When it comes to this no-frills way of planning and/or journaling, that statement couldn’t be more accurate. 


Above is just one of many symbol keys that can be used in a bullet journal. The concept behind bullet journaling focuses more on rapid notation using various bullets/symbols along with short-form notation. Most people who use a bullet journal recommend making topics, numbering every page, and leaving room at the very start of the journal for a table of contents for quick reference. Some also include their choice of symbol key here as well. For more information on how to start bullet journaling, I highly recommend Bullet Journaling’s Start Here section. This is were you will find the nuts and bolts of this highly utilitarian, but effective way of planning and task completion.

5. Lettering

Just like the rose gold trend, decorative lettering is everywhere from fashion, home decor, and of course, planning! Below is a word art plaque that can be purchased at your local Hobby Lobby or online that is just one example of the trend in home decor.


Many are finding ways to incorporate this trend into their planners. It can make a simple word such as “Notes” look that much more interesting and fun. And it can even jazz up a more simple planner like bullet journaling.


You may have to revisit your cursive writing skills (I know I did). But once you’ve got that down and the right tools in hand, it’s actually pretty easy. If you need a refresher on cursive, I highly recommend Dawn Nicole’s free hand lettering printables. Hand lettering is equal parts penmanship and the tool that you use. This is another topic that I will be doing a more in-depth look and how-to in the near future. So, stay tuned!

Now, that I’ve shared the top 5 current trends in planning today. I’d love to hear what you think! If there’s a trend that you love that I might have missed, let me know. I can cover that in a future post, too. See you planners soon!



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