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Daily Archives: October 13, 2017

Fall Floral Planner Layout feat. Tombow!

I’m so excited to be sharing a special planner spread featuring Tombow products that I received to use in my final submission for the Tombow 2018 design team! It took me a little while to decide what exactly I wanted to do. But once I figured it out, I ran with it!


The following are all Tombow products:

  1. Dual Brush Pens 636 (imperial purple), 623 (purple sage), 158 (dark olive), 933 (orange), & N00 (colorless blender).
  2. Twintone Markers in light orange, navy blue, and brown.
  3. Irojiten Colored Pencils in Straw Yellow, Crocus, and Rose Pink.
  4. Monotwin Permanent Marker
  5. Mono Graphite Pencil 2H
  6. Mono Multi Liquid Glue
  7. Mono Aqua Liquid Glue
  8. Xtreme Tabs
  9. Mono Dust Catch eraser

Other supplies used:

  1. CLASSIC Happy Planner
  2. Water brush
  3. tweezers
  4. sequins
  5. Glass glitter

Sketch it out.

Before starting anything I lightly sketched my flowers with the Tombow Mono 2H Graphite Pencil. Once I was happy with the placement and scale, I traced over them with the Monotwin Permanent Marker because I don’t want my lines to bleed as I color the flowers in.

Color your world.

One of the absolute best ways to a more textured and unique look when working with markers is to layer it with colored pencils. You can apply the colored pencil before, after, or even sandwich the marker in-between layers of colored pencil. For this project, I simply filled in all of the leaves and flowers using the Irojiten Colored Pencils before I apply any marker color. The reason I did this was because these pencils are wax-based, so it helps to keep the marker color on top of the paper for a little bit longer than normal. This makes blending on non-watercolor paper much easier.

To achieve more of a color variation in all of the flowers and leaves, I’m going to color each one using more than one layer. In the picture above, I had previously applied a light wash of the Purple Sage (623) Dual Brush Pen using a water brush. Now, I can add a few quick lines of the Imperial Purple (636) before beginning the next step. I want to let that dry before touching it again, so I will begin filling in the other flowers and leaves on both pages. This way I’m working on one while waiting for the others to dry. This is especially important since I’m using paper that isn’t made for watercolors. By approaching it this way, I avoid pilling the paper.

Applying the navy blue Twintone Marker and the Imperial Purple Dual Brush Pen to my blending palette, I pick up both colors with the Colorless Blender and slowly apply to the petals of the flower. This really gives a richness to this flower that I’m in love with! I got this technique from the Advanced Lettering class that I took with Brittany Luiz at PinnersTX. 🙂

Glitter is my jam!

Let everything that you’ve colored in dry completely. Using the Mono Multi Liquid glue pen tip, I apply it in the center of the anemone and sunflower. Then I quickly cover both with the glass glitter. You can use whatever glitter you want for this part. This was simply what I had on hand. 🙂

Sequins of events

Instead of drawing berries, I decided to use glued on sequins instead. Typically, gluing sequins down can be a test of one’s patience, but the Tombow Xtreme Tabs make it sublimely easy. The tabs themselves are larger than my sequins, but they’re easily trimmed down using a pair of scissors. The best part…they do not gum up scissors! 

Once you have all of your trimmed tabs down, you can use either a pair of tweezers or a gem pick-up tool to apply the sequins to the top of the tabs. Since there isn’t any wait for the glue beneath the sequins to dry, I can start the next step.

*Optional step: If you want the sequins to have a little more gleam to them (I did), you can add a small dab of the Mono Aqua Liquid Glue on the top of each sequin. Let dry overnight.

Final Touches

To make sure that everything felt cohesive, I chose to continue the watercolor feel by incorporating it in my weekly to do’s, notes, etc. When the Tombow Glue Pen is used prior to any application of a water-based color, it acts similarly to masking fluid (a watercolor medium that essentially masks/protects whatever is beneath, in this case, the white paper). I actually learned this technique when I took Jennie Garcia’s class at PinnersTX. 🙂

I slowly lettered out remember, to do, weekend, notes, and added a few doodles and bullet points. Let the glue dry (it’ll only be few minutes). Then using a water brush and my markers, I applied a watercolor-like wash on top of all of the areas that I applied the glue pen. As the color dries, the glue continues to resist the color and whatever you wrote is now visible against the darker color. Neat, huh? 🙂 Make sure when you do this that you choose a darker color because the contrast (dark vs light) won’t be great enough with a lighter color. Let dry.

Now, you’ve got a unique planner spread that’s functional and beautiful! I hope you absolutely love this as much as I do. And, if so, let me know in the comments below. 🙂



*Special thanks to the Tombow Team for the awesome supplies that I used to make this beautiful planner spread!